March 13, 2020 Coronavirus Update

March 13, 2020 Coronavirus Update

Schedule for Learning:

Monday and Tuesday, 3/16 and 3/17 are days off school.  They are not instructional days, so you're facing a nice four day weekend ahead! I pray that you're able to use those days to prepare for some extended time at home, and to enjoy your quality time together. 

Materials for Learning:

  • Some teachers have provided some print materials for students to bring home today. Some are still working to put together materials for you. Our staff will deliver packs to families on Wednesday, rather than asking families to come to school for pick up.
  • Though you may have received some materials, that is not the extent of our plan for all students. It is simply easiest to get those materials to you today. Save them, and wait for future instruction. You will use those materials during the lessons provided during remote instruction, with support from your teacher.  You are not expected to homeschool your students. 
  • Teachers will be providing instruction to students. That instruction will be delivered in new ways, varying by class, including web conferencing, recorded screen casts, phone calls, and more.
  • Through your responses to surveys, we are learning if you need additional access to technology in order to receive instruction, and we will work to provide families access to necessary instructional technology. 

Messiah's adjusted school calendar: 

We are working to revise our school calendar. Factors we are considering include: 

  • the cushion of instructional hours built into our calendar for calamity/snow days;
  • reducing the negative impact on instruction;
  • consideration for travel plans made during our originally schedule spring break;
  • children's need for supervision when away from school and the impact that need has on parent's ability to work and support their families; 
  • the possibility that this continually evolving situation may necessitate a longer break from school than three weeks;
  • the difficulty of offering quality instruction on a stop-and-start schedule.
  • Are there other considerations you'd like to bring to my attention? Email [email protected]

If you haven't completed the distance learning survey, please take it now.  Click here to take the survey. 

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