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Messiah Lutheran School taps into the power of the living Word of God to direct hearts and openly model Lutheran values so children learn from an early age how to practice their faith and demonstrate Christian principles in their daily lives. As educators, we instill a sense of character in our students to create a world of responsible adults.

Outstanding Test Results

Assessment is a part of any goal setting and achievement process, including learning. However, over-testing can consume valuable learning time; overreliance on any single standardized test data as the sole measure of schools and children fails to recognize important growth of the entire person, in mind, body, and spirit.  


Each year, students in grades Kindergarten through Second Grade take the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (a short-form growth measure administered in fall, winter, and spring). Students in grades 3-8 take Ohio's State Tests each spring.


Messiah students routinely earn high scores on these tests, exceeding state, and national averages by significant margins. 


Teaching 21st Century Skills

Messiah Lutheran School is committed to meeting the demands of education in the 21st century. Our middle school students take a unique course that stretches their emotional and intellectual imagination with exercises in empathy, leadership, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. They are also introduced to important life skills like financial literacy, cooking, and civil discourse through special classroom units. 


Honors Program Promotes Creative Thought

Messiah's Discovery Enrichment Program encourages gifted students to become better creative thinkers and problem solvers. Through increased individual attention, Discovery Honors students pursue non-traditional class units like chess or architecture. They learn in a fast-paced, collaborative environment that builds a solid foundation for continued success in high school and beyond – a central teaching goal that holds true for all Messiah students. 

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